Why Choose Us?

Simply put, Techie 2 Go, LLC is a renowned team of dedicated and seasoned tech specialists who are on a mission to not only provide you with the best tech support possible, but to also ensure that you save as much of your hard-earned cash as possible in the process. Whether you're an individual or a company, prefer to work with us on-site or from afar, our expertise and experience is by your side 24/7, no questions asked.

Dedicated & Skilled Professionals

Techie 2 Go, LLC is an independent, veteran-owned and operated computer and mobile phone repair company based in Middletown, New Jersey. Our technicians are passionate about what they do, and all work straight out of their homes. Because of this, the money we save on owning a store allows us to absolutely minimize the costs of our services. It also allows us to focus our income on the latest and greatest equipment, so that we can keep your devices clean, protected, resilient, and up to date.

How it all began

Techie 2 Go started out as a small computer and device repair service at a military base in North Carolina, where the CEO and Founder, Jordan Vashey, was stationed at the time. The sole impetus behind the original creation of Techie 2 Go was the desire to provide high-quality tech services at low prices for the valiant heroes and other hard-working personnel employed at the base. However, the time eventually comes where we're all dismissed from our military lives, and have to return back to our civilian ways. Not all was forgotten, however; with the success that Techie 2 Go had found on the military base, Jordan decided to take the business back home with him to New Jersey, and continued to provide excellent tech services not only to our nation's heroes, but also to the citizens that we pride ourselves protecting and serving. With time, these citizens have helped Techie 2 Go develop and grow into one of the top tech support services in all of Monmouth County. This is why, even off the base, we continue to pride ourselves in serving all of our hard-working citizens.

UPDATE (4/20/2015 )

Techie 2 Go was formed into a Limited Liability Company on April 20th 2015.
Now Techie 2 Go, LLC!

UPDATE (3/14/2017 )

Techie 2 Go, LLC has extended it's services to Ocean County, New Jersey!