Why Techie 2 Go?

Simply put, Techie 2 Go is a renowned team of dedicated and seasoned tech specialists who are on a mission to not only provide you with the best tech support possible, but to also ensure that you save as much of your hard-earned cash as possible in the process. Whether you're an individual or a company, prefer to work with us on-site or from afar, our expertise and experience is by your side 24/7, no questions asked.


It's important that you pay attention to your device. As soon as something fishy happens, or starts being slow. You should seek help, immediately.

This is the easy part. All you have to do is send us a secure message through our website. If you can not access the internet, you may call us at the number in the contacts page.

Please be AS DETAILED as possible when describing your issue. Please include

When the problem started
What the device is doing when you notice the problem
Device Model (ex: HP Laptop 454USA)
Good contact information we can reach you at

We will try our best effort to contact you within three hours, from receiving your message.

Upon making successful contact with the device owner, we will setup a time and place to meet you. We service devices two ways. In your home, or at our location. For faster sercvice, we suggest leaving your device with us overnight.

When you meet your technician at your conveinence, you will be asked to sign our ACKNOWLEDGEMENT document. This ensures that your device is protected thorugh us, and protects us as well. We just need the last page of the document signed and returned to us.

From here, we will diagnose your device, COMPLETELY FREE of charge. We will run your device thorugh a series of hardware, and software tests to ensure every part in your device is working correctly.

At no time will the technician perform work on your PC without giving the owner a pricing quotation. Please refer to our QUOTATIONS section in the information portion of the website.

Our repair process can take up to 24 hours in serious cases. We try to have your device back within twelve hours. We understand you have a schedule, and we can accomadate anytime according to your needs. We are here for you.

Once we diagnose your system, and have your approval of the work that needs to be done, we do it. You sit back, and let us do our thing. We will call, or text you when it is finished. It's that simple

When we meet back up, so you can pick your device up, we will need the form you originally signed. This ensures us, you have read and understand our Acknolwedgement Terms. Should you need a copy of this, you may opt-in for our PDF version VIA email. Just ask.

We accept a few payment terms, such as CASH, DEBIT, or CREDIT.
We use a secure merchant processing system called Intuit. This company has been processing cards for years, and is one of the leading point of sale systems used today. Your information is never seen, such as your card number. Only the last four. All information is kept private with Techie 2 Go, LLC. Information will NEVER be sold, under any circumstance. We value your privacy.

After payment is collected, and the forms are signed, we are free to depart. Of course, if you have any questions your technician will answer it to the best of their ability