Why Techie 2 Go, LLC?

Simply put, Techie 2 Go, LLC is a renowned team of dedicated and seasoned tech specialists who are on a mission to not only provide you with the best tech support possible, but to also ensure that you save as much of your hard-earned cash as possible in the process. Whether you're an individual or a company, prefer to work with us on-site or from afar, our expertise and experience is by your side 24/7, no questions asked.

Special Discounts

Techie 2 Go, LLC offers generous special discounts for those who meet the below criteria.

All persons receiving a discount must show valid identification that applies
with a current status (NOT expired).

IF you meet two of the same criteria, discount may be combined. Only two may be combined.

For example... If you are a parent, and an active service member, you will receive a 20%+10%=30% discount off of services.

Discounts are for SERVICES only. Parts are not included since we do not stock parts.

Active Service Member = 20%
Veteran = 15%
First Responders (Fire, Police, EMT) = 20%
Parents = 10%
Monmouth University Staff \ Student \ Alumni = 10%


What is included in the diagnostic report?
We use a series of tools to generate a report for the customer. This includes a full hardware test, which ensures each physical piece of the computer is working properly. That is where it all starts. Next, we move into the operating system, to verify it is working as it should. When viruses, and malicious files are present. We will undergo a rescue operation to try and save the computer.

You will always be provided written documentation of your computer diagnostic report. It will always be emailed. Physical copy may be requested, but the default method will be by email, to save the trees!