Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where we provide answers to our many commonly asked questions. Hopefully these answers will assist you in one way or another, but if you have a question for us that you do NOT see here, please remember that you are always welcome to Contact Us whenever you like!

Q)   What is the turnaround time for reparing my item?
A)   We try to keep it less than one day, or even within a few hours. It depends on the workload of our technicians. However, Techie 2 Go cares about your time and try to keep it under three. If we have a high volume day, please be patient, as this time period may be increased to eight hours.

Q)   Why is my computer so slow?
A)   It could be a number of things. Here are some examples. 1) Virus or Malware, 2) Not enough memory or RAM, 3) Hard drive showing signs of failing, 4) Your virus protection is not doing it's job properly, or is improperly configured, 5) Computer software overload. We have remedies to all of this. Please ask us questions!

Q)   What is the best anti-virus software?
A)   There are a number of effective anti-virus programs on the market, but the one that has proven to be the most effective without slowing down the computer is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro Edition. This award-winning anti-virus software is the program chosen most often by our own technicians and programmers for use on their personal computers. It's also the most popular deploymen when securing business networks for clients.

Q)   What are your general prices for repair?
A)   You can click HERE to find out! (our prices are based on the job, so we can save you huge amounts of money)

Q)   Why so cheap?
A)   Think about it... Techie 2 Go does not have to pay for a shop location. Sending Technicians out to your home, keeps it way cheaper!

Q)   Where can I reach Techie 2 Go?
A)   You can click HERE which directly sends an email to us. You can also send us a message on FACEBOOK (which will be answered within one hour. You may also CALL 732 495 0585 OR talk to us live chat feature on the site.

Q)   How and when do I pay?
A)   Techie 2 Go accepts CASH or any of the major credit cards, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, and MASTERCARD. No checks please! Payment is only accepted after all work is finished by the technician. If for any reason no repairs were made, you do not owe us a penny. Technicians are not allowed to accept tips either, so please do not try.

Q)   Why does my computer have no sound?
A)   If you cannot hear anything on your computer, you probably need sound card repair.

Q)   Why are there so many ads on my computer?
A)   If you are seeing a lot of ads, you might have a virus. Check out our virus removal packages!

Q)   Why does my computer freeze randomly?
A)   Random computer freezing is probaby the result of an infection. Check out our virus removal packages!

Q)   Why does my system crash when I play games?
A)   If your computer is turning off while gaming, you could have a problem with your video card.

Q)   Why is my computer beeping?
A)   Beeping often comes from computers in need of motherboard repair.

Q)   Do I need to fix my desktop right now?
A)   Not necessarily. If you can use it as normal, don't worry about it and watch your finances. If your desktop is unusable, it won't get better on its own. Call us, and we will tell you what we can do for you.

Got a question for us that you don't see here? Simply Contact Us and we'll gladly assist you!