Services Overview

Need computer repair now and don't want the hassle of disconnecting and transporting your computer? Then our onsite computer repair service is for you! Our prices are fixed rates. Have a Slow Computer, Non-Starting Computer, need Virus Removal, have error messages? Is your phone draining battery too quickly? Did you break your screen? We service phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. We offer FREE diagnostic consultation, which means we will look at it, and tell you exactly what the problem is for FREE.

Desktop Customization, Build & Repair

Have you always wanted to build the ultimate desktop but not sure what parts are compatible with eachother? Or just maybe you want to upgrade some parts? Either way, Techie 2 Go has a remedy for any desktop need, at a low cost!

If your computer is broken, on the fritz, or just plain falling apart, then let us know and we will send a Techie. You'll be amazed how quickly they'll fly to your rescue! And the best part - you don't have to leave home or watch helplessly as your computer is shipped off to Narnia! You decide when and where the job gets done, and our Techies can come to you.

The price of computer repair will vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to brand, degree of damage, and the cost of parts required. Some of our most common Desktop Services include...

• Operating System Installation \ Upgrade:
• Install or Re-install on operating system on one computer (OS discs are required and will not be supplied)
• We support Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and any Linux or MAC OS
• Ensure that all necessary drivers have been installed
• Make sure system is up to date
• Verify the system is functioning properly

Tune Up:
• Increase speed and performance of your computer
• Perform system cleanup and defragmentation
• Get rid of any unnecessary programs
• Cleanup physical hardware

New Computer Setup:
• Perform system updates
• Remove unwanted programs
• Help setup user accounts
• Test hardware and software functionality

Installation / Uninstallation of Software:
• Ensure compatibility and install one software title
• Perform any necessary software updates
• Set up any relevant shortcuts
• Uninstall unwanted software

Data Backup \ Transfer \ Recovery:
• Recovery of LOST DATA
• Transfer data from one computer to another
• Backup data to a CD or DVD - up to 10 GB
• Backup data to an external hard drive
• Backup data to the cloud for download

Network Connectivity:
• Install and configure network cards and wireless connections
• Configure and secure a router
• Create a secure network
• Coordinate setup preferences
• Connect peripheral devices to the wireless network
• Troubleshoot connectivity issues

Laptop Repair Services

Perhaps you broken your screen, or your charger does not charge the battery anymore. Or maybe something spilled on the keyboard, or the touchpad and buttons randomly stopped working. Techie 2 Go has solutions for all. We repair it all, so give us a call! Some of the most common Laptop parts that we replace/repair are...

Common Replacements:
• Screen
• Bezel
• Keyboard
• Touchpad
• USB Port
• Charging Port
• SDHC Port
• Hard Drive
• Motherboard
• CD Drive
• Ethernet Port
• Wireless Card
• Memory

Mobile/Tablet Repair Services

Ever wanted to root your android phone, or jailbreak your iphone? Did you break your screen into fifty million pieces, and now you're frustrated? Maybe your charger, no longer charges your phone. Or your battery is just draining way faster than it should be. Bring your phone to us. Don't wait days for a replacement. Techie 2 Go offers a cheaper alternative than your phones insurance deducatable.

Repair is not guaranteed, and in the event that repair is possible, additional costs can vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, brand, degree of damage, extent of wiring, and cost of additional parts required.

New Device Setup:
• Perform initial setup and connect device to the internet
• Setup one user email account
• Demonstrate how to find and install new apps
• Demonstrate how to find and get connected to a wireless network
• Explain how to maximize battery life

Hands-Free Setup:
• Sync a mobile device with one customer-supplied hands-free device
• Demonstrate proper hands-free functionality
• Troubleshoot the connection